Human Brain Project

Request an Account

Neuroscientists, neuroscience tool developers and other people with a legitimate interest can request an EBRAINS account. A corresponding HBP account will also be created automatically during the transition period from the HBP to the EBRAINS infrastructures. These accounts do not make you an HBP Member, but they do provide you access to many of the EBRAINS and HBP tools and services.

Users are requested to provide their institutional email address during the registration process. Addresses from online mail services will generally not be accepted.

Find instructions on how to create your account on the the Collaboratory 2, or use the registration link.

Users working directly for the Human Brain Project can then request to be recognised as a member of an HBP unit (SGA3 work package or task) in order to get more privileges.

Users working for an HBP Partnering Project can similarly then request to be recognised as a member of that Partnering Project in order to get more privileges.

For support, please contact

We look forward to seeing you online soon.