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Human Brain Project (HBP) Identity Accounts are now available by invitation.

This account does not make you an HBP Member, but it does allow you access many of the tools produced by the HBP, including the HBP Collaboratory.

You can get an invitation in one of 3 ways:

  1. You can be invited by current HBP Identity account holder.
  2. If you are an HBP Project member, please contact your SP manager to receive an HBP Identity Account invitation.
  3. You can request an invitation by sending a short email describing your interest in the HBP to

If your institution is already part of HBP and you would like upgrade your HBP Identity to an HBP Member Account, you can request a HBP Membership from your Collaboratory profile page:

If your institution is not part of HBP, the process is much more involved. See the documentation on the current process here:

For support, please contact

Thank You,
The Human Brain Project
Platform Team